The Japanese Sex Industry: Love Hotels

It is no secret that Japan is in a world of its own when it comes to the sex industry and everything related to it. After arriving in any metropolitan city in the country, it does not take much effort to stumble upon a neon fitted establishment that attempts to lure you down its ornate entrance. 

For a country that is known for its reserved people, there are a large number of institutions that offer to alleviate the stresses of everyday life. Be it the weary salarymen, women, or couples, the options are abound to take them as far as their imaginations can (legally) go. 

Love Hotels

From a western perspective, love hotels are an extremely odd concept, but at home in Japan, the one stop overnight rooms are a part of daily life. Usually built with elaborate facades and exotic themes, the hotels are easy to spot. Carrying interesting names such as The Blue Lagoon, Forever Oasis, and Love Paradise, it is relatively easy to identify a love hotel by its name alone. 

As one might imagine, these hotels offer services a bit more unique than their standard counterparts. In Japan, where land is sold at a premium and families tend to share a small space together, privacy is hard to come by. Based on this fact, love hotels have continued to be a popular destination for couples hoping to escape their one room apartments and enjoy a more intimate environment. Each room is equipped with all the necessities for getting the mood just right, including themed hotels ranging from Christmas to the Amazon Jungle. 

Of course, it would not be very Japanese if the process for entering such an establishment was not discreet and anonymous. As the hotels go to great efforts to make their guests comfortable, staff are often behind frosted glass and conduct transactions through vacuum tubes, drop boxes, or digital displays. For patrons who travel by car, their license plates are covered in the parking lot which is usually tucked away behind a passage. 

Naturally, the hotels are exclusive to couples and are a decent choice for cheap accommodation for travelers. For those who are just interested in a short “rest,” most of these hotels offer a “quick refresh” three hour package at a discounted price. Guests who get hungry after a session at one of these specialty establishments can take advantage of the food delivery service that is often available straight to the room.

Whether you go intending to use the facilities thoroughly, or just out of plain curiosity, love hotels are definitely an interesting experience. Just make sure to keep the black light at home. 

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