Naomi Watanabe: The Japanese Beyonce

There are quite a few comedians and TV talents that do their best to imitate their foreign stars. It is probably one of the longest running gags on Japanese TV that is sure to get a laugh regardless of the quality of the attempt. That being said, Naomi Watanabe is hands-down one of our favorite comedians on the air today. Although her big break came following her amazingly over-the-top Beyonce impression, she has since managed to stay on air with a variety of comedic shorts that have recently landed her on the new Saturday Night Live Japan [ link ] , which premiered June 4, 2011, and Pikaru no Teiri [ link ] sketch-comedy shows. Her amazing character range and fluid performances have pushed her into the prized ring of comedians with regular airtime and extensive advertising endorsements. Although it is rarely brought up in the media, she is quite proud of her mixed heritage as the child of her Taiwanese mother and Japanese father.

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