Sick Animation: Exclusive Interview

Could you start off with a short bio?

My name is Marc M. and I make animated cartoons for sharp minded adults. I live in the southern part of the USA, in a state called Louisiana.

How and when did you first get interested in animation?

I guess I’ve always been interested in animation, as a viewer. But I began to get excited about learning and creating it, around a decade ago. Computer animation software was becoming easily accessible on the consumer market right around the time that I was coming into my own as a self-aware joke maker-up-er/artist/whatever. Animation was the perfect outlet, so I went straight for it and here we are.
Animation is not real life, but it IS. With cartoons and animation, you get to create your own version of life; the way it should be… the way it shouldn’t be… the way it is… whatever! It’s something that (I feel) live action video can’t quite capture, even with the aid of the wackiest costumes and special fx.
But to answer your question without the long winded answer: When the software began to show up on the warez sites TEOL, that’s when I got into it :)

Your work is far from tame, did you ever get caught at school drawing and punished for your art?

I did. I got caught (in 4th grade) drawing cartoon dicks into a library book at school. After being paddled and punished for it, I suppressed the burning desire (to draw cartoon dicks) deep down. The beast would lay dormant for years, only to later explode into a crescendo if dick-toons!

Do you remember the first animated short that you made?

Of course! (I think) Well, I did several short, abstract animation “tests” in the beginning but I think my first official “short” would have been one called “Shut up and Listen”. It was for a homework assignment in my 3D animation class. We were supposed to create an animation using something called soft-bodies and my soft-bodies example came in the form of a queef (or pussy fart) and a guy’s head rippling and waving from the force of the “pussy fart”. From that point on it was kind of hard to ever animate anything serious again.

How did you get the website up and running?

Before I started animating, I was already tinkering with HTML and web design. I would build websites for my bands and other little projects. So publishing a website for my cartoon shorts was just a natural step.

Besides writing and animating the movies, do you also do all of the voice acting?

Heck yeah I do. Having someone else do the voices for my cartoons would be like having someone else brush my teeth. And THAT’S why I hate dentists!!!!

Not only do your animations have a unique visual style, many of them also include original music. Do you put this together yourself?

Yes indeed. Making music in general, but especially for the cartoons, is one of the more enjoyable parts of my “job”! That’s why you will find songs or musical pieces in a lot of my cartoons, it’s fun!

You have gained huge popularity over the past few years, are there any “surprise hits” that really…surprised you?

Yeah, “Chocolate Rain”. When I recorded it, I meant it to be a serious song with heavy social meaning and mind bending metaphors and shit like that. But then it blew up as a comedy video. That was surprising. I stepped away from the mic to take a breath and when I came back, I was in a Weezer video!
Can I be in the bad boi club now plaza.

You obviously have a huge following, but have you had much negative feedback? God tricking “the last two men on earth” into having anal sex must have caused somewhat of a stir.

Oh yeah, I’ve had my share of hate-mail over the years. HAHA, I’m thinking back on it now, and I sure as hell have! Not so much these days, but in the early days… oh yeah! It’s a wonder how I even keep making stuff. I must have suppressed those memories LOLOLOL.

Much like some Japanese anime, your work is clearly for an adult audience; do you think the trope “cartoons are for kids” is redundant now, or are people still shocked by your work?

Well, in my opinion, they shouldn’t be shocked. But yeah I guess there are still people out there that (misunderstand it) and get offended or shocked by certain content. Hasn’t the internet desensitized everyone on the planet by now?

Are there any Japanese artists or filmmakers that you like?

Well, the only one I really know about is that Hayao Miyazaki guy. He’s pretty awesome, right? Would you care to recommend some that I should look into? Like, who is your favorite, and who is your least favorite? I’d like to check them out.

If you were a casual Internet browser who stumbled across your website, which animation do you think you would most enjoy?

I think the most digestible cartoon for a first time viewer… would probably be something like MERSHAQ.
That’s the one that always gets played on TV stuff, and it’s a pretty nice primer for the rest of the Sick Animation catalog. Although, “A Norse in the 9th Ward” seems to be a “fan favorite”. However, that one is slightly more brutal vox.

Has your friend tried soy milk yet?

Ha, you know what, he HAS tried it. And he LOVES it. It’s all he ever drinks now. He even washes his face with it. I guess he was just tired of being miserable and closed minded.

For more information, check out the sick animation website (link), or subscribe to Marc’s Youtube channel (link).


  • Sean  

    Man this interview was the QUEEF

  • Axiom  

    We’ll take that as a compliment!

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  • joe  

    Marc M sucks donkey balls..always doin intervieews and not makin cartoons and shit

  • lol  

    lol i didn’t know p*ssy fart was a compliment :D

  • Axiom  

    I think it being a compliment or an insult is entirely based on who produced it.

  • wut  

    i’m a little confused… is he joking when he wrote that he made chocolate rain? i’ve seen no mention of him when i searched for the song.

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